Welcome to California is one of the country's most gorgeous visitor destinations. Located on the Pacific coast of North America, it is bordered by Oregon, Nevada and Arizona in the United States, and Baja California in Mexico. The state's four largest cities are Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco.

The Sierra Nevada contains Yosemite Valley, famous for its glacially carved domes, and Sequoia National Park, home to the largest living organisms on Earth, the giant sequoia trees, and the highest point in the contiguous United States, Mount Whitney. The tallest living things on Earth, the ancient redwood trees, dot the coastline, mainly north of San Francisco. California is also home to the lowest and hottest place in the Western Hemisphere, Death Valley. Visit the coastal town of Eureka on California's Redwood Coast, the vineyards of Sonoma and Napa, and stunning Mount Shasta. The Central Valley is home to California's important agricultural industry, the largest of any state.